Who the heck am I?

Hi! My name is Dan Hoyt and I’m a professional writer and rocket scientist. Welcome to my site. (Feedback welcome!) Check out my blog or read my recent news and announcements.

Just call me Dan. I’m a math and computer geek who also writes SF/F/H, sometimes under Dan Hoyt and sometimes under my full name, Daniel M. Hoyt.

BTW, my wife, Sarah A. Hoyt, also uses various names. Check out her award-winning and critically-acclaimed novels and you’ll see what I mean. What she does to the English language is just plain poetic. You’ll become a fan.

I currently have a full time job supporting the updating and re-architecting of a 40-something Fortran program working with the computational physics of rockets and their trajectories. Fun stuff, really. Under my tutelage, it’s been completely ported to C++ and has an Eclipse-base Java UI, as well, so it’s not exactly trivial. In fact, it’s rocket science!

As for my writing career, I have about a dozen genre short story creds, two anthologies edited with Martin H. Greenberg at Tekno, and I am currently shopping my first novel.

You can find my work in leading magazines and anthologies (many available on Amazon.com)

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